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My birthday....

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    It's been an otherwise "normal" day, nothing special, no presents (didn't ask for any), cards from relatives obliged to give them only, 'tis all.


    Life with no real friends... I think I can dig it Smiley

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    Tyler Brown

    Happy birthday W3bbo!

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    Happy birthday to you

    feliz cumpleanos

    Yom chuledet sameach

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday!

    At least you gotta agree it's very lovely out there! Have a bbq or something. Invite some pretty girls round, offer some pims, forget about debugging buggers and bugging!

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    old cliche:
    Happy Birthday

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    Ha!  Friends are overrated.

    It's enemies that make life interesting Smiley

    Have a great Birthday and I'll drink a cold one to ya!

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    Yup,it's mine too. Sounds like I'm having a better day of it than you. Best present was managing to get off work early after a really tough week.
    So, do you (like me) find 13 is a lucky number or do you treat it as unlucky like everyone else?

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    happy bday w3bbo!

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    thanks you guys Smiley

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    Happy Birthday.

    I wish you a bug free life.

    If you end up at one of those restaurants where all the waiters come out and sing happy birthday, Just remember it could be worse...  you could have been the waiter!

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    Minh, what if that was you in that photo?
    Happy birthday, W3bbo, You're getting older. You know what that means? You'll probably get arthritis soon and stuff like that. Tongue Out

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    Beer28 wrote:
    Minh wrote:
    Seriously, dude, happy birthday. And, umm, just to point out the obvious, real friends ARE important.

    My real friends owe me money, and they kind of suck. Though this has nothing to do with w3bbo's bday. Have a good one man.

    Haha, I got a few of those my self.

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    Happy friggen birthday man!

    Mine was on the 7th.  Where is my present?

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    Happy Birthday, I'll be having a beer to celebrate (like I need the excuse)

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    feliz cumpleanos Smiley

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    Happy Birthday Hippy!

    If you're going to 'DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper' in Reading tomorrow, I've sure I'll buy you afew beers afterwards, I kind of get the feeling it's going to be one of those events!

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    Happy Birthday!

    Look into Jesus Christ.


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