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Voice Print Login

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    Andrew Davey

    Anyone know of a voice print login system for XP? I think the Mac has one now and it's a really neat feature. If not then how hard is it to extend the NT login system?!

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    Take a look here:

    IIRC, this was a company MS either bought out or was looking at for their Biometric API. Either way they do have products specifically for Biometric security.

    The problems with Biometrics is while it is a semi-secure, convenient way to manage account integrity, the "semi-" part of the semi-secure is what causes a problem. If somehow the network is comprimised the files could be swiped that contain the signatures for voice/fingerprint/etc, another security problem, I'm sure most of us have seen on movies, et al) is that voices can be recorded or digitally synthesized. It's just as insecure as a user typing weak passwords.

    Combinations of Biometrics and strong passwords are your best bet if you wish to go that route.

    Also combination of biometrics types, i.e. use both fingerprinting and voice pattern.

    And a final alternative is to use Voiceprinting with password and the keychains that create new key pairs for authentication. Ill see if I can dig up a link on those. My friend implemented those for a large Gannette subsidary here in town.

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    Smartcards may be the way to go. If you ever lose yours, then the sysadmin can simply cancel the card (much like when you use a credit card).

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    Yep, a neat one indeed. A guy with a voice recorder will definitely appreciated it while hacking-in.

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