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Windows 2k vs. XP Pro vs. 2003

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    I know a few who still use W2K on a HT P4. I do not know about all W2K flavors, but the standard one doesn't support HT. Anyone using only single cpu with no HT is missing half the fun.

    Benchmarks of course say HT is not big deal, but I do things on my XP that my W2K friends would not even consider doing.

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    IIS 5.1 in xp prof, can only hold 10 concurrent connections...But the metabase wich holds the IIS configuration are hard coded to handle 40 connections...
    you can expand this limit by using Adsutil.vbs and issue the following command;
    adsutil set w3svc/MaxConnections 40

    (Dont know why Microsoft has limited the IIS in this way, perhaps to stimulate server sales ??)

    But even setting MAX connections to 40,  doesnt come close to the stress testing levels I need.

    So thats why I run Server 2003 while developing.

    Futher; 2003 are optimized towards server 2003 and IIS 6.0

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    Shining Arcanine

    Windows XP Professional is great for home computers and workstations.

    Windows 2003 is great for servers.

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    Thanks all for your input.

    I went ahead and installed Windows 2003 standard on my pc.

    I would say the install went flawlessly, but there were a few hickups I'll share:

    1) Drivers 'not compatible' - I got several errors (from the driver istall software, not windows)  That the drivers were incompatible with 'Your version of windows'  I just ignored the messages and installed the drives manually, the XP drivers worked fine.

    2) JET drivers corrupted - the same might have been true with the SQL drivers (I didn't check). In a nutshell, when a web app tried to open a connection to access I got an error 'Class not registered'.  I installed, the latest mdac components, the jet 4.0 drivers, visual studio, and then reinstalled them in various combinations. (Win2k3 was fully patched as well, still same problem)  The solution to this was to do a clean install of windows 2k3, originally I had tried to upgrade from win2k - and somewhere in that process the drivers apparently got screwed up. =( 
    a small hassle to backup/wipe/install agian, but I'm up and running.

    Now that my jet drivers are behaving themselfs, so far so good.  I'll drop another line later depending on what benefits/problems i have.

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    re: backup/wipe/install vs upgrade...

    I've never been a big fan of OS upgrades. Whenever it's time to install a new OS (not just a patch/service pack), I prefer clean installs. It's a good opportunity to jettison a few MB of useless filesystem and registry turds.

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    yes format would have been preferable..

    so ..?  you like? 

    - faster eh?
    - no silly background services running
    - looks cooler..  ( start themes service!)


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    jamie wrote:

    so ..?  you like? 

    - faster eh?
    - no silly background services running
    - looks cooler..  ( start themes service!)


    Actually, yes.  Very much so.

    One of the things i like the best is the expanded capabilities of the toolbars. Whoever came up with the idea to allow WMP to embed in the desktop toolbar was a GENIUS!  I absolutly love that feature.

    I did start the themes service, and installed a really cool theme from  (acutally I installed several)

    Startup is MUCH faster.  My boot time is well under 60 seconds. 

    Shut down ain't to shabby either.

    Performance is rock-solid and so far I have no complaints.

    I've only had a little bit of time to look at the changes in IIS 6.0 so I won't comment on those... yet.

    (I also really like the built in zip functionality, BIG help)

    However, many things I do on 2k3 are exactly the same as if I were doing them on xp or 2k. For example, I just built up a little program that communicated with it's other half via TCP to pass shell commands to the OS remotly. (If anyone wants the code, drop me a line i'll send the zip - only like 60 lines of code for both apps)  Anyway, it worked fine on 2k3, as well as xp and 2k.  Don't get me wrong, thats a GOOD THING - the point is though that from an '2k3 can do x number of things 2k cant do' perspective, x won't be as high as it will be for, say, longhorn.

    Is it worth the 1k (win 2k3 standard ed)? Probably not for individual use. (Corporate use as a server is different, i'm assuming this is being read by a developer). A developer doing development will probably not realize a significant difference over XP Pro to justify the additional cost.  However, if you have the chance to use 2k3 over xp, I would take it.  The security is tighter, and overall it will allow you to take advantage of the latest features.

    I would definatly suggest upgrading from 2k. There are a ton of things that XP or 2k3 do that 2k doesn't do. 

    Just my 2 cents.

    BTW, a shout out to the MSFT guys (and gals) who made 2k3 - great job!

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    I looked at running 2003 Server on my workstation to force myself to learn more about it. One snag I ran into is that my Antivirus version wouldn't run on server. Is there any technical reason for this, or do they just think that someone that can afford a server oS should also be able to cough up some more dough?


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