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Authorization Manager

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    The Authorization Manager, coming with Windows 2003, is a great thing. If you don’t know it yet, give it a try. We have integrated it with the new version of our software. Authorization Manager uses Authorization Stores, either based on AD or an XML file, to store the configuration. It is even possible to put the Store into ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) which is great because many of our customers are still not having an AD deployed.

    Unfortunately, the use of ADAM (or the XML based approach) is not really usable, because we have to put the users that have to be authenticated into ADAM (or XML file) as well. The problem here is that the AzMan MSC Plug-In does not allow assigning users that are within ADAM (or XML) to the roles defined in the store. It only works with AD based users. Do we have to rewrite the AzMan-Plug-In? Did we miss an important fact?

    Are there any helpful documents available?


    Best wishes




    PS: I would like to have a search functionality within channel9.

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    how can i connect to an ADAM Instance through Authorization Manager.

    To open an authorization store, i have given the following string:


    but in return i get an error msg: insufficient access rights to complete operation.

    Plz help me out with this.


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    I looked at authorization manager, and was fairly impressed that MS was offering a nice RBAC framework. I think in most cases, the MMC interface is not sufficient for admin users. I recently read an article on ASP.NET 2 offering a roles based framework with a pre-rolled web based administrative interface. So for now, I am not sure what direction would be best for the web.

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