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    BruceMorgan wrote:

    Further, MS employees are really good at looking at things from an ROI perspective. "If I invest my limited time on C9, what is the return for me?"

    It's really difficult for many people to see the benefit of spending time here (or elsewhere, like Slashdot) debating issues.

    I hear Ya!

    I have on more than one topic said F@^& It!

    if the other person does not get it or is going to keep acting like a moron then the H** with this I have other things to do.

    sad but true that no one here MSFT folks or anyone else can really justify the time we may spend on some topics here.

    I for onw thoug would like to see this as a more "educational" place and less of a "debate" and "who is the brain" place if you get that last bit.