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    Great posters, Jamie...

    BruceMorgan wrote:
    Further, MS employees are really good at looking at things from an ROI perspective. "If I invest my limited time on C9, what is the return for me?"

    It's really difficult for many people to see the benefit of spending time here (or elsewhere, like Slashdot) debating issues.

    That was going to be my next question...where do MS employees spend their limited time (not counting family time, etc.)...looking at each other's blogs?  Seriously, I know you guys are extremely busy (and it probably looks like we have an extreme amount of free time on our hands), but you must look at some news sites/forums somewhere on the web.  But what would make it more interesting around here? Does the quality of the debate need to increase further, or does that even matter?

    Edit: Please tell me we don't have to start dragging in other MS employee's blog topics just to start new threads...that could get old after a while, although it would probably work in the short term.