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Microsoft PSS person from Las Colinas, TX?

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    Anybody from Microsoft that I can talk to who works for PSS in Las Colinas, TX?  What is like working in that group?  Do you like it, I am just interested.  I want to find out the 'insider' story to working at MS.



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    If you want to get to know the group you can look at Dallas.NET User Group.  I have only been to this group once, I normally go to the North Dallas Group. 

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    oh no, I am an idiot. I just found what I needed. THANK YOU CHANNEL 9 TEAM, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Lots of useful information here, you might have to search a bit for it but it is here. I recommend to anyone needing information just to spend a small investment of time in all the chat forums. I found the information I needed while was not placed in the category I expected, it still existed on the site.  Please  consider me a dedicated member of this site from now on.  

    - Isabel

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    Welcome Isabel!


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    All The Best Isabel !

    You are Welcome to be the happening member !

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