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View Thread: The Future of Managed Code - Where is it all headed?
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    A lot of talk has been going around about the trusted computing initiative and how .NET fits into all of this (maybe a little too much talk). Correct me if I'm totally misguided here, but it seems that in the not too distant future (maybe even in the Longhorn timeframe) only managed code applications will run in windows without some kind of security alert (similar to the ones received running a native app from a web url today).

    Am I way off here? Note also that I say Managed code with a specific reference to managed code execution and not necessarily managed data, as I can see the performance requirements for having a certain level of native memory access.

    Will we see the windows release after longhorn running managed code at the Device Driver level (where the true instability of windows still stems from in versions W2K+)

    Anyone got thoughts on this?

    Is performance the only thing keeping native code around?

    If so will we see it fade away with hardware improvements?

    Hardware accellerated JIT here we come!!