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[request] Videos of Channel 9

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    Hey guys
    I just have a request. Well i see the videos. But sometimes its very hard to visual what is the person talking about. I just wanted to ask if in the videos you guys can add the screenshots and professional prespetive of what they are talking about.

    Thank you
    Windows Longhorn will rock

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    that may be hard as they may not want to make the product "old" before its released.

    its like the dilbert cartoon:

    Ken in sales:

    "I told our biggest customers how great our new product was, now no one will buy our current product.  When's the new product going to be ready?"


    "2 years"

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    Not sure I understand the request.  Could you give us an example?


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    I myself have a bunch of requests:
             - To have a part on the "users name" profile page which has the users favourite quotes in it. 
             - To get the time right. I have my time set as Sydney Australia and Channel 9 thinks I am still in AEDST (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time). Where people of NSW, Victoria and the ACT (Possibly other states do tis but I don't know about it) turn our clocks forward an hour for around 6 months, then we turn them back an hour.
             - Smileys, not just in the wiki but all over the forums as well.

    Please fix those problems in the order listed. Thankyou.

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