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    Hi all

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this but what the hey if i ain't feel free to move it Smiley

    Got a problem... i know you guys can help Smiley

    I have Office XP (Retail Sad) and I want to create an unattended install

    1) I know as this is a retail version I can not create an Administrative Install Point.
    2) And I can't use an MST file...

    I can however put the pidkey into the setup.ini file... all i need to know now is there a way to do an unattended install with this? I would like to customize the install also.. (ie get rid of that sodding paper clip... or dog or wizard who keep popping up offering to help me write a ransom note or at time suicide note (especailly with my current annoying position....)

    Anyhelp much appreciated! If you need anymore info let me know,