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xbox360 sneak in?

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    How come our guys at channel9 havent snuck into the xbox360 lab for some insider footage?

    Considering its been posted that there might be the ability to upgrade the xbox at later dates with BR or HD drives from DVD and also that there are some things that might be getting added or changed before release in november... how bout some popped questions while in the interview Smiley      

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    Not that I'm trying to sound nasty but these things bounch off of my head quickly.

    • They like having their jobs.
    • Not everyone leaks info about new projects their company does.
    • The leak can be traced back to it's source.
    • Leaking isn't what C9 is about.
    • As of this date E3 is still going on so new info could come out at any point.
    • There are plenty of other gaming sites and blogs that are covering it.
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    i didnt mean sneak in like that lol i meant as in a sneak peak at what the lab looks like and some of the people working on it and there 2 cents about there  job etc.. that is kinda what c9 is about but no xbox stuff from c9 yet... i mean even maybe ask if they can demo the xna platform... we've never really seen an inside look at what the microsoft game dev platform looks like... and with all the e3 hubbub it would be kewl to see microsofts side of it (beyond the pretty staged ourcolony stuff lol

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    MGS is tighter then....err..  Well it's pretty tight!  Things are very competitive over there so Channel 9 will have a lot of work to get to see some stuff over there. Smiley

    Hopefully though, there are quite a few PC titles coming out - don't suppose they're quite so secret?

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