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What OS do you use?

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    This has probably been posted before, but I just want to know what other C9ers use as there Operating System. More importantly if anyone still uses win 95/98 (shudder). Although I don't think its likely. How many of you use Linux? Is the threat of Linux real? If you use more than one OS then post it as well. My OS is Winxp home and Win 2000 pro.

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    2003 on server (left) xp for dev - ( 3 monitors)

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    Windows 2003 for development. Windows XP PRO on my latop for pretty much everything else (including development too). I keep Virtual PCs around with different Linux distros, and Longhorn, and everything else I can possible try out. I have some links to some 2003 tweaks you can use if you want to use 2003 "for everyday use" : 

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    Media Center 2004  x3 pcs
    Longhorn alpha x1
    Suse Linux x1
    OSX x1

    I really love Media Center 2004, I'm not a beta tester for 2005 but I'm sure I will continue to buy Media Center Pcs as the new versions come out.

    I love Suse but after using MCE and Longhorn I have cut back on my Linux time.

    I have a mac (long story) but I really don't care for it, sure it looks great but thats about it. Simular to the suse problem, looks great but doesn't play well with other software.

    I would be happy to answer questions for anyone interested in testing Linux as a duel boot.

    Once the real Longhorn comes out it will beat everything. But (again) for now I LOVE MCE2004

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    I use Windows XP Pro, Longhorn Alpha, Mac OS 10.3, and slackware linux. 

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    Ok, a lot of Linux users = that there is a real war between Linux/MS/Mac. A question for you Linuxers... Why are there so many different Linux OSS's ? Theres heaps like redhat, SuSE, um... others as well.

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    speak for yourself

    i will run linux when im sure ms is completely and totally out of the game - which they are not!

    nice philosophy - everything free

    waiting for MS to lead - and ( anticipating all the wincing eyes) redefine capitalism for the digital era

    if they dont

    oss will

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    Jamie, I don't understand what you said, can you put that in english please?

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    For me: * Windows Server 2003 EE * Debian Testing x2 (Firewall, mail server) * Mac OS X 10.3 (iBook, main machine) *Windows XP Home (Windows laptop, hardly ever see it). I spend most of my time on the mac, or SSH'd into the debian boxes. The Windows2003 machine is mainly for file storeage, and occasionally for work in (Oddly formatted because I can't seem to get the forum software to format it correctly. I give up.)

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    >A question for you Linuxers... Why are there so many different Linux OSS's ?

    People are different, so are Linux distributions.
    Different skills etc ...

    Gentoo Linux (2.6.6-mm2)

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    - there were 4 or 5 posts and you said - "Ok, a lot of Linux users = that there is a real war between Linux/MS/Mac."

    a) i said i dont run linux ( my post was in those posts)

    b) if i did MS would have to have magnitude of incompitence level not humanly possible ( marketshare still there and holding last time i checked)

    c) before being pounced on for mentioning Linux in a bad light - I said: nice philosophy ( as in all software is free = open)

    d) i commented on why the MS business model needs to change / and that it would be great if they would lead ( as they always >mostly< have) in putting this OSS stuff to bed  ( *lead means biggest user base X desicions that work)

    e) As one of the largest companies in the world - i implored them (MS) to lead - not follow: yes i said the words "redefine capitalism"  * like Google is attempting - see it or not

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    Windows XP Home Edition SP1

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    Work and home:
    2 x XP Pro
    1 x 2003
    1 x Redhat 9
    6 x Turbolinux (small cluster)

    And between them all: (drum roll....)
    107 inches of monitor.

    The observant readers will have noticed that comes to a mere 10.7 inches per box, but you are still jealous.  Admit it.

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    One of the Twelve

    Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
    Windows XP Professional SP1
    Windows XP Professional SP2 RC

    those three are main systems, on other partitions you can find for example
    Longhorn #4074, AMD64 Debug version
    Longhorn #4074, x86 Debug version

    Some virtual (vmware) systems for testing purposes;
    XandrOS 2.0
    SkyOS beta

    also lots of other systems, Windows ME in one of them... 3.0, 3.1 and so on.

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    @H0M€ I use Win2000, in work WinXPPro SP1 and Linux Mandrake 9.2


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    XPSP1 x 1
    XP Media Center x 1
    XPSP2 Beta x 2
    Longhorn (WinHEC) x 1
    Longhorn (PDC) x 1
    Windows Server 2003 x 2
    Pocket PC 2003 x 1 Smiley

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    XP on my main machine.... 2003 for my website

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    on my main machine:

    Windows XP Pro SP2 Build 2120
    SuSE Linux Pro 9.0

    on my second machine:

    Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

    on my laptop:

    Windows 2000 Pro SP4

    on the servers:

    Windows NT 4.0 Server

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