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What OS do you use?

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    Loadsgood wrote:
    This has probably been posted before, but I just want to know what other C9ers use as there Operating System. More importantly if anyone still uses win 95/98 (shudder). Although I don't think its likely. How many of you use Linux? Is the threat of Linux real? If you use more than one OS then post it as well. My OS is Winxp home and Win 2000 pro.

    I have 3 os's installed...

       XP PRO
       XP HOME
       Windows 2000
       Also have server 2003 but it is not installed, yet. Wink
    three seperate partitions.

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    Win XP Pro on my desktop and laptop machines.

    Virtual Machines:
    Longhorn WinHEC build
    Win Server 2003
    Win Server 2000
    Win XP Pro SP2 Beta

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    Windows XP Home SP 1 @ home
    Windows XP Pro @ work
    Windows 98SE @ home on secondary PC (shudder)

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    Desktop  : Windows XP Pro SP1a
    Laptop   : Windows XP Pro SP1a
    Server 1 : Windows 2000 Server
    Server 2 : Windows 2003 Web Server
    iPaq 2215: Windows Mobile 2003

    Virtual PC 2004
             : Longhorn Alpha
             : Slackware Linux 9.1
             : FreeBSD 5.1

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    At my fingertips?

    2 XP Pro machines
    1 Mac OS X machine

    Machines used via my network?

    1 Redhat 7.2 Linux machine
    1 Fedora Core 2 Linux machine
    1 HP-UX 11 machine
    1 AIX machine
    1 Solaris machine

    The Fedora box is for network services and the rest are for compilation and platform specific debugging of code.

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    XP Home
    XP Pro with SP2 RC1
    2 laptops with XP Pro

    XP Pro (mail, internet and Office machine)
    2 Windows 2003 server machines (where I do my development. Helpful to have a full-fledged terminal server when I need to get tests of private fixes before they make it into the source code control system).

    Used to use:
    Red Hat Linux (kept breaking it because I had to configure my own kernel)
    Slackware Linux (ditched it because I didn't like the package management)
    Sorcerer Linux (source based distro that lived for about a week after I got into it. Cool, but not maintained)
    Gentoo Linux (my final linux attempt)

    I gave up on linux because I spent too much time tinkering and tweaking and getting things working and almost zero time using my computer for development and other tasks.

    Also, I couldn't use VS .Net Smiley

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    Win2k3 Server
    Windows XP SP1 (fully patched)
    Windows XP SP2 RC1

    Longhorn WinHEC build, plus a little extra Wink

    Upcoming additions (next week sometime):

    Linspire 4.5 (This site should work great on Linux. We will have no excuses now...)

    Used to use:

    HP Unix

    Keep on posting,


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    Invader Zim

    I use Windows XP Professional on my main machine (a P4 2.4GHz) and have used Windows 98/2000 and Mac OS 8 in the past.

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    Work Laptop: 
    Windows 2003 Server
    Windows XP Pro with Whidby (in a Virtual PC install)
    Longhorn (in a virtual PC install)

    Home PC:
    Windows XP Pro

    I'd love to tinker around with Linux but the Microsoft world keeps me busy enough...

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    XP Pro on my 2 systems at home.

    Win 2k Pro on my work desktop system and Win 2k Server on the servers I normally deal with.

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    XP Pro for my work machine
    XP Home at home

    I would love to ditch XP at home and stick with Linux, but I'm not sure that's possible at the moment.  OTOH, I haven't re-evaluated the situation in a while.

    Here's a question...  for you folk who have more than one machine at home (i.e., for personal use, not a work-machine-that-lives-at-home), what do you do with them all?

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    XP Pro  (home desktop PC)
    XP Pro  (home laptop)
    Win2000 (home desktop PC)
    XP Pro  (development PC)

    My $0.02:  Win2000 is the best of the lot.  It is the most "bullet proof".  I am thinking of paving over my home XP Pro machines with Win2000 and wait (with faith) for Longhorn.  I had RedHat linux on the XP Pro home PC but I was not in the least impressed with it so put XP Pro on it. 

    FWIW:  I used to be a Big Time Mac Fanatic (one of the ya-ya faithful), heavily Mac fanatic.  Started out with a Mac 512K and went through to a Power Mac 5200 or something like that.  But when Win2000 came out I had to recant.  Macs look nice, but that is about it.  And I get so frustrated when I have to go help my mom figure out her latest Mac OSX 10.3 problem and find that she just has to live with it because that's how Macs do it.

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    Gentoo Linux (kernel 2.6.7-ck1 ... and couple of others )
    Red Hat 5.0 (kernel 2.0)
    AmigaOS 3.9

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    Which ones better xp pro or xp home? Why?

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    It's the same basic OS. The Home version is just crippled. It won't do multiple CPUs, multiple monitors, domains and some other stuff Microsoft decided that Home users don't need.

    Here is a comparison. If you think you need any of those features you should buy the Pro version.


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