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    Wow this is a tall order right now Loadsgood.  You can count on Microsoft doing what we always do, build great software that supports our new platforms. There will be a version of Office that takes best advantage of Longhorn.  What it will be called and what the features are ... that is a work in progress.  We just shipped Office 2003 and are working on planning for Office 12.  You can count on Microsoft getting behind its OS releases with great support from the applications businesses as we have always done.

    When it comes to your other question, we can't call it anything other than a code name because the final name has not been determined yet.  The folks in marketing have a long process of making sure that any candidate names are appropriate, work worldwide in many languages, and can be protected worldwide according to trademark law.  It will be a while before we are there, I would be surprised to hear anything more before beta 2.