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Frontpage Color Picker - all apps?

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    Could we have this in all of Windows and Office? Especially for Desktop color matching?


    ( for those who dont know - its a small eye dropper like tool - selects ANY colour on the whole screen - helps to dispence with typing rgb numbers )

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    For what? Just take Pixie for free at

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    I've thought about this one before, too.  It would be handy in cases where you find a color on a web page that you would like to use in your own designs (instead of copying the picture, bringing it into a program, etc.).  I'm not sure how often that happens for the average user, though.  Or, maybe you could even take it further and allow a user to "grab" a portion of the screen (regardless of what is on the desktop) rather than using the "Print Screen" key/paste method.  Maybe there is already something like that out there, I'm not sure.  Programming-wise, I would think it would be fairly straightforward.

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    HyperSnap-DX will do that. But not for free.


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