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    I absolutely agree Irascian.  It is emperors new clothes.  It is format of the day, and it is destined to be obseleted by another technology.

    What makes blogging cool is the new sense of community and the ease of participation.  Something that for the most part has been lacking from the internet and only existed in the days of old BBSing and such.

    To me a geek is anyone who can make most of a typical crowd bored to tears by talking about what they are passionate about.

    Firefighters typically arent geeks.

    ah policemen typically arent geeks

    News reporters... accountants... car mechanics... computer engineers.... librarians... we're all geeks really.

    Oh wait... oh wait... I even have a blog entry about this....  What makes a geek a geek.

    ... if that don't prove the point... nothin will.