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    Lazycoder2 wrote:

    I don't know what the geek dinners are like in other parts of the country, but at the geek dinners in Seattle, Scoble is usually the only marketing/press type there.  Sometimes a reporter /blogger from the local paper that covers all things Microsoft will show up. But not often. Mostly it's PM's, SDE's, and people like that from Microsoft. The rest of us are usually either tech enthusiats or active programmers.

    Yea, it's no longer a geek dinner, it's been hijacked into a bloggers dinner. As much as I like Hugh McLeod's writing he's seemingly pushing  it towards a "Lets talk about blogs, and RSS and marketing".

    Err. NO. HELL NO. There's nothing geeky about it. If it wasn't for the fact that a couple of people I know are going and I want to catch up with them I'd have dropped out, scoble or not.