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    Ian, we had these conversation at DeveloperDay and I agreed with you then.

    I would like to think as the technology matures the abstraction level will increase and then we will be able to use better tools to find the information that we are interested in.

    This may create more work for the author, but then so be it.

    One of my ideas to make it all abit easier, was the idea of 'global topics'. Were an author could categorise a post against a standard set of topics. these topics could even have a heirachy.

    So it could go something like this,

    Programming --> .Net --> C# --> IXMLSerializer

    You could then just natigate to the topic of interest and avoid the rest of the noise.

    Obviously you could then select to read the rest of the selected Blog if you wish.

    But cna you already do this with a search engine. No most search engines are really rather random. This way it lets the author do a little thinking which could therefore make searches more precise.

    Plus you can quickly discover topics that haven't been covered and ones that have been over talked about.