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View Thread: Backward Suppor for Longhorn Technology
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    Hi All

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email, and my appologies for not monitoring in in real time.
    I can understand the desire and need for a "clean break". Twice a month I find myself wishing I could have a clean break, and just rewrite my software instead of carrying all those legacy technologies and probems on my back. But it just doesn't work that way. I am also not sure you can compare the situation today to the move from DOS to Windows. There is much more code out there today, it is more complex, and more expensive to rewrite.
    All I am realy looking for is the ability to write great Longhorn code that runs reasonably on XP. A set of PAGs and tools might help, but what I would like to see is something in the direction of configuring the IDE to work in "Compatibility mode" preventing the developer from using features that will not work in XP. I would probably need a way to filter toolboxes and wizads that produce "Longhorn only stuff", and a compiler switch that will generate an error where the code is not XP compatible. If the guidance remains "on paper", I might personally be able to read and understand it, but I expect the avarage developer will atempt to use whatever is available to him.  

    VG.NET looks cool. I will look into it!