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View Thread: Searching for an "Auto Completion / Intellisense" Tool
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    Hi all,
    maybe you can help me.
    I'm searching for an Auto completion / intellisense tool.

    I have the following problem :
    - i'm programming in Abap (the SAP programming language) with the SAP Dev Environment (calles Abap Workbench). Coming from a VS.NET and VFP background i love the auto completion and intellisense features inside of the programming editor. The Abap workbench doesn't have this. So i'm searching for a tool that runs in the background of my computer and when i write for example :
    "if" and press a key combination than a "table" should pop up where i can select the completion statement and than with enter (or what ever) this is pasted in my editor.

    - or i write in word "Dear" and press a key combination then i want to select in a table "Sir, Madame etc.etc.) and with enter it is pasted in Word.

    The tool has to be flexible so that i can enhance the keywords and templates.

    If there is something like that please let me know. I'm willing to send all the Abap Keywords and templates and believe me there are 1000's of Abap programmers on the market searching for such a tool.

    If there is not such a tool.... maybe someone is interested to write such a thing, and it will be a pleasure for me to help to open the channel in the Abap programmers community.