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Ipod Killer

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    This has been on my mind for a while, The supposed Ipod Killer coming soon from MS.  Has anyone any thoughts on this.  i'm intrested to hear them and so may be MS.

    My thoughts are that it'll fail.  I don't see the need for portable Video.  I doon't have any need for it, and i fail to see how anyone else will, the Creative one is hardly the most beautiful. the Vaio release is much better looking, but still i'm failing to see the need for one.  It would have been better to aim at the more staurated MP3 market rather than the new market of Video. 

    Have any of you MS guys played with one.  Can you give us your personal opinions without being sacked?

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    I'm not an MSFT guy, but I think the market for these devices will be limited. Here's why: I use my iPod in these modalities: at the gym, in my car, walking around town and on planes. In all but the last, I can't take my eyes off what I'm doing. And I still come back to the idea that in this day of HDTVs (and big ones at that) flying off retailers' shelves, who the heck wants to watch overly compressed video on a tiny low-end LCD screen? If I'm on a plane and want to watch video, I've got a great screen on my laptop (and planes have laptop power now too so that's not really an issue anymore). If I'm at home, I've got TiVo, DVDs, Comcast OnDemand, etc. These devices are a solution with no defined problem, audience or usage modalities.

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    I'm not with Microsoft either.

    It's not hard to see who will find this useful, though. Anyone who commutes to work via bus/train/subway will. Taking a laptop out in those environments is just not realistic. There are lots of other situations where you have nothing better to do than sit and wait. Doctor's offices for example. Or maybe you simply feel like going outside to a nearby park yet have something you want to catch up on (Channel9 Videos, for example). You can probably do this with a PDA, but the new Microsoft Media devices give you one more option.

    My $0.02 worth.

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    I pretty much agree there is a limited market for portable video.  Although remarkably portable dvd players do seem to be selling pretty well.  Of course there is also handheld gaming going strong, but usually no one plays those for 2 hour stretches like your average movie.

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    For the most part I'd agree with you. On the other hand I use my iPod mainly journeying to work and must admit that if it were easy to do I'd find it useful to download the .Net Show broadcasts and watch them on the long commute.

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    I know I can't wait for these to come out.  I love watching TV shows on my computer...but I hate being tied down to the computer inside.  I don't have a laptop (or even better a Tablet PC).  I was looking to buy a Dell DJ but after I heard about the Portable Media Center I held off because I wanted video more then I want just portable music.  Although I think I heard 20GB hard drive which I think is a little small...especially if you are carrying around Music, Video and Pictures.

    So basically I can't wait for these to come out, possibly wait and get a little bigger hard drive space and probably wait for the price to come down a little first then get one.

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