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    footballism wrote:
    androidi wrote: If you don't know a word is it too much to use Google to find the meaning or have some browser extension where you just point at a word and it shows different meanings and translations etc. Such extension could use some web service to also fetch meanings for "MSesque" stuff like SDET ..

    well,I don't have any problem understanding the basic ,standard english words,and I do believe most of non english speakers also think so.the problem with the slangs is that ur guys tend to use some words which cannot find any explanation in any dictioanary,that's ur problem,guys.

    Well , you better start improving your English first. What about starting sentences with capital letter, space after comma and so on ? I'm no way a native English speaker, but I think I do a good job complying to the standards. Wink

    You ask native English speakers to stop using slang's from their OWN language ? This kind of censorship makes sense coming from someone in China. If YOU don't know the meaning , it's your problem , not ours. By the way , if you did really try to google for slang's you would've find where you could find the meaning of them.