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Suggestion for VS2005 Final

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    Can you guys /please/ integrate some kind of spell checker?

    GoLive, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, even FrontPage all offer spell-checkers, so why not VS2005?

    The main users would be those using VS2005 as a web-site production tool, but those working on strings and string-tables would find it a boon too.

    It would be pretty useful for it to check the spelling of your control texts, rather than having to copy everything into Word and pasting it back in again.


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    Sven Groot

    A binding to the Office spellchecker (like OE does) would be nice, so I can also use the Dutch spellchecker.

    EDIT: A quick search turns up that is already available as a sample add-in for VS2003.

    EDIT2: As for an integrated spellcheck for Visual Web Dev, maybe some day, but not in VS2005.

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    Hmmmm..... Given the new Office tools bindings for .net and the ablity to use .netto write vs 2005 addins I would think  this could be done w/o to much problem.

    spell check comment block
    spell check string
    spell check highlighted block

    wonder how hard / easy it might be?

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    Another suggestion for VS2005 final is that the Web Form Designer can group the DataSource controls namely ObjectDataSource, AccessDataSource, SqlDataSource etc or any other none-UI controls or components into another Panel just as what the Windows Form Designer has done. I really dislike the idea of messing the none-UI controls(ie DataSource controls)with UI controls(WebControls) in the designer.

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    Rocky Moore

    I totally agree!  Major pain having to enable/disable the viewing of none displaying elements on and off all the time.  Web designer should be completely WYSIWYG.

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