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Kernel vs User mode and 8 other Longhorn questions...

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    Where will the boundaries go?
    A standard drawing would be

    +Standard libraies 
    (user mode)
    +portable os layer
    +machine dependend layer (hal like in nt, linux and solaris)
    (kernel mode)

    how will the drawing look like in longhorn?

    WIll the clr run in kernel mode?

    operating systems are like an government and has 2 functions..
    a) coordination and "traffic cop" memory protection, file systems, networking...
    b)standard services..visible in standard libraries.

    Is it right to assume, that one add more functionality to the "standard services",
     (avalon, aero, indigo, winfs)hence more common functionality that can be shared among applications, cut down development time, debugging and be more effective for the programmers and users a large??

    A lot of the user interfaces will be in managed code. Is it safe to assume that the code will be pre jitted to  native object code and not il that need to be jitted at runtime??

    Will app domains still run inside a physical "windows" process. Communicaton between app domains in different processes are much slower than communication among app domains in the same process.

    6. Since memory cost are getting lower, and 1 gb of RAM are not that unusual, will it be possible to turn the virtual memory completly off?

    7. How big will the gac be? and will all components be pre jitted?

    8. How much of Longhorn will be in managed code, 10%, 20%...?

    9. What will be done with EFS on Longhorn?
    EFS on windows 2000, xp and server 2003 are NOT secure. ( Advanced EFS Data Recovery)

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    Go order a copy of 'Operating System Concepts', it has a 2K/XP case study and answers almost all of your questions.

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    win 2000/xp are not longhorn design...

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    The core OS architecture is not changing in Longhorn. 

    The CLR is purely user mode in Longhorn. That is anything running in kernel mode will necessarily be unmanaged. You can expect to see a managed kernel sometime within the next 10 years or so. It's a hardware problem as well as a software problem.

    You will be able to write fully functional Windows applications in Longhorn in entirely managed code. The need to be unmanaged in user mode will be rarer than it has ever been before.


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