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View Thread: Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning
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    Hey Jeremy: Thanks for the post, it is great feedback and we are taking it all in. As far as my IM absence, it was motivated by two things: 1.) I am getting so much feedback over IM from people that it doesn't get documented for others to see and add to. Frankly I am overwhelmed with messages everytime I log on and it has gotten impossible to work on my day job. 2.) I cut my hand severly while cooking last week and ended up with stitches and typing with one hand. The less typing the better. I don't want to shut out all of my friends on IM so I am thinking of posting hours when I will be online daily so I can concentrate on talking to customers and partners and not try to juggle work. I feel so ... ugghh ... strange even suggesting it, but I don't know how else to manage it.