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View Thread: Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning
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    Lenn,  push the MSN Team to change, the MSN community has been cryiong out for these changes but MS seems to refuse to budge, we're on 6.2 and MSN hasn't got the functionality of ICQ yet.  But i digress, sorry.

    Anyhow.  I would like to say that i believe that all videos should be posted to the frontpage.  There is no need for them not to be.  The quality of videos are superb, sure there are a few i haven't watched, some of the SQL ones, and the CLR's, thats because at this point in time, i have no real intrest in them.  However I do watch the majority of them as i enjoy them immensly.

    The series idea is good, catergorization needs implementing now, where we can see all the WinFS videos in one space, all the SQL videos, all the XML videos, you get the idea, so theyre all seperated into their own spaces.  but still have them all together higeldy pigeldy on the front page.

    The reason the tablet PC's got a huge buzz is more likely because it's something we'll see in a month rather than 2 years or one that is mainly aimed at enterprise rather than your 11 year old kid (e.g. SQL, sorry i'm picking on you SQL).  So tablets excite the world,  WinFS is extremely exciting, i can't wait, but it has the chance to change within the next 2 years whereas tablet 2005 is pretty much here in the guise of SP2.