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View Thread: Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning
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    Jeremy W

    These kinds of things make me wish Lenn used IM again (he's somehow dropped off in the last few weeks).

    To be honest, from the outside in: until recently the videos were not any kind of anchor point for the site. They were what drew a hell of a lot of people here initially, but by and large the feedback from them has been far lower than many of the forum topics.

    Somehow, recently (it'd be nice it wasn't asked for, but totally cool if it was) interviewees have started interacting.

    THAT is where you get conversations. People being interviewed isn't a conversation. A few people posting 5-6 times after a video comes out isn't even a real conversation.

    But you get the interviewee and other product team members in there? You probably have one of the best communication mechanisms Microsoft has ever seen.

    That's why I could easily see product groups thinking about doing their own thing, or wanting their own forums.

    The Series idea does a few great things:

    1. Allow product groups to easily reference a slew of ideas
    2. Allow users to easily reference a slew of ideas
    3. Allow 'conversations' to be linked to (via blogs, obviously, but also other sources)

    The problem now is that there isn't a flow to the conversations. They are very, very disjointed. It's better than what anyone had 2 months ago, but it's still very disjointed.

    The Series idea will partially solve this. What solves it even more? Multi-part Series'. Film a Series. Put it up. Watch the conversations between users and users, users and C9, users and interviewee, etc.

    Then, put up another Series which succintly captures the essence of the conversation and then extends it (I refused to say 'embrace and extend' Wink).

    I honestly believe that creating real Conversations should be the core goal of C9, but at the same time it's the hardest thing to create. A thousand bloggers have tried to figure out how to do it on blogs and there hasn't been a single cohesive solution, and you guys are trying to do it with video blogs.

    Good luck to you, but I also know that, by and large, it'll require several revs to get right.

    Jeremy "Wishing he got CC'd on these emails" Wright Wink