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View Thread: Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning
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    Bryn Waibel wrote:

    it’s not so hard to pick out the “great” stuff. Anyway, all I’m saying is that I think pretty much everything that hasn’t been trash canned by the PR/Marketing/Product people has been good, and that this is a better indication

    I had understood that ch9 is more from "devs to devs" instead of "from devs through PR-filter to (everyone)devs". Forgetting this, here's my feedback regarding the videos.

    Whether there's need for some categorizing or keywording for the videos, I'm not sure of the pros/cons of such, should there be more videos it could be something to consider. Stuff like "Eric Gunnerson - How do you design new features for C#" could be categorized into tech/dev section of videos. 

    What I'd most like is the option of viewing a whole interview nothing cutted but still segmented during the playback with interactive links, but I do understand that such would pose multiple problems in terms of cost/distribution/editing/etc.

    The 1-2 minute videos feel bit on the short side and tend to lack background info, 10 minutes is more appropriate per topic. With good speakers they could be longer and more in-depth like the one Chris praises here:

    That was one excellent interview btw!

    In the future you could also have few more "tours of MS" and if you get an inside tip that
    kind of thing is going to happen, it could be fun to see. 

    On an appweek if there is something cool created for testing the LH technologies, that might be interesting to see. During an event like TechFest, a tour of some of the stuff with a few interviews along the way could be cool?

    On an unrelated note, is there possibility for sorting the videos/threads on the date of thread creation optionally to the date of last post?