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View Thread: Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning
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    To the point: You're right on target with the scope of the content.

    I think there can be an overwhelming sense to improve from yesterdays work when a project takes off like this one has. I know I get the same way, I don't like the code I wrote yesterday and want to scrap it and start over and make it entirely different.

    This is great, and keeps progress alive. However, keep chuggin with what you have. Let is simmer a little bit longer. The interviews are getting better (vid quality and content). Certainly you guys need your internal processes, but what I see I like.

    For Lenn not being on IM. I wouldn't know how you do it. I have very few "friends" and even fewer contacts and still I get at least 10 IM's by 9:30am. Keep it up brother.

    So all that to say this: I would love to see "a day in the life". Follow a developer for a day. Not an 8 hour documentary, but a 20 minute with cutaways to different times of the day.