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Internal Channel 9 Team Email Thread on Content Planning

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    Don't you mean "manually undo the unnaturally reverse order" of the Outlook citations, KC?

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    Personally, what I would like to see it’s a ranking of the videos.  There are a lot of videos posted everyday it’s not easy to follow when you don’t go everyday.  Here is the list of videos that I would like to see:


    1)      The most viewed (overall)

    2)      The most viewed (this week)

    3)      The channel9 suggestion of the week


    That way, if I have only 10 minutes to go on your site, I will use them looking videos instead of searching for the best one.


    Thank you!

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    I would like to see a chronological list of the videos. The newest vid on top.
    When you didn't visit the site for a couple of days, it's almost impossible to guess which vid's were posted.

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    androidi wrote:
    Bryn Waibel wrote:

    it’s not so hard to pick out the “great” stuff. Anyway, all I’m saying is that I think pretty much everything that hasn’t been trash canned by the PR/Marketing/Product people has been good, and that this is a better indication

    I had understood that ch9 is more from "devs to devs" instead of "from devs through PR-filter to (everyone)devs". Forgetting this, here's my feedback regarding the videos.

    I want to clarify things around this statement above, you bring up a really good point.  Channel 9 IS five guys from Redmond trying to bring a look inside Microsoft and get an honest unfiltered view of how our products are built and the people behind them.  We shoot, edit, and post all of the video content on the site weekly.  We are as transparent as humanly possible. 

    However we have a responsibility to our users and the company to make sure that what we post on Channel 9 is 1.) Technically accurate 2.) Is not used to break news on products or features (without buy-in from those involved) 3.) will not violate any laws (financial, etc.).  It is often hard for us five evangelists to be able to do this on our own without input from the product teams who are responsible for their products since we do not work on them day to day.  If we gave you guys bad information, or hurt a product team through our own ignorance it would be irresponsible. 

    We feel a responsibility to you, and to the company to make sure we aren't posting stupid stuff and we have been very open about this since day one of the site.  This is why we posted our guiding principles in the Channel 9 Doctrine on the site. 

    Marketing groups at Microsoft know what is best for their business, and sharing on Channel 9 is a big part of it.  We don't have some gaggle of marketers in a room chain smoking cigarettes and vetoing content Wink  We let everyone involved including the interviewees have a chance to feel comfortable with what is being filmed. 

    You will also notice that the very people who are being interviewed are answering questions for themselves in their own free time on the site, and in their own words. We believe in communication, dialogue, and sharing on Channel 9 and this has guided it from day one.

    Thanks for keeping us honest and keep posting.


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    kclemson wrote:
    And did you manually copy and paste each part of that thread to put it in the reverse order?? Smiley

    Yes, what a pain in the butt.   Especially since some replies beat other ones to my inbox.

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    IMHO, It's better to have slow start and long live instead of fast start and fast death.

    I prefer you do not attempt to push everything you have to share in single day. It will be good if after 4-10 years C9 site will be active and filled with fresh content.

    You can simply keep things just like they are and slowly evolve into something bigger.

    Remember - even God have spend 7 days to create human. You need a lot of time to change World a little bit.

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