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How to enter the Blog'n my way to the PDC Contest

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    You want to go to the PDC but don't want to pay the entry fee? Well, blog your way to the PDC!

    If you win this contest you'll win a ticket to the PDC, $1000 (US) in an airfare voucher and hotel accomodations at one of the venue hotels.

    Write a post on your personal weblog that explains why you want to attend the PDC and also include the following bit of HTML code on your post. Once you've made your post, click through on the icon below to send the PDC Team a referrer and you've just entered the contest.

    blogging my way to pdc

    <a href="">
       <img src="" border="0" alt="blogging my way to pdc" />

    Wait! I don't have a blog?
    Well, if you don't have one, you have a few options.

    1. You can use any blog service like MSN Spaces, TypePad or Blogger.

    2. Enter the Shareware Coding Contest instead. 

    3. Reply to this post (Blog'n my way to PDC) with your essay.

    How will you judge this?
    Judging will be based on the following:

    - Creativity
    - Value to community (how are you going to share what you learn at the PDC?)
    - Writing quality (hey, good English always helps!). - Style and extras (do you have a nice design for your blog, and are you gonna use audio, video, or pictures to augment your entry?)

    For more information please review the official contest rules.

    When does the contest start and end?
    The contest starts June 7, 2005 and ends August 12, 2005. Winners will be announced on August 15.

    The graphic isn't large enough! I want a bigger one!

    Here you go!

    blogging my way to pdc

    <a href="">
       <img src="" border="0" alt="blogging my way to pdc" />

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    Jeremy W

    Too bad about the 1500$ it'd cost in flight and hotel Wink

    Seriously though, great idea guys. Whoever thought this up deserves a pat on the back.

    Whoops, helps to watch the video first. Damned if it don't take forever on dialup though... Colour me apologetic and all that jazz!

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    Wish I could go but two main obstacles stand in my way:

    1) I plan to use up my meager 1.5 weeks of vacation taking care of my wife after she has our first child at the beginning of August

    2) My company wouldn't let me go unless I use vacation time.

    Really bums me out to be honest....I missed '03 due to work obligations and really wanted to attend this year....

    Guess I'll just have to keep up with PDC Blogs to keep informed.

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    Why I want to go to the PDC... What is a PDC?  Oh is that the developer thing in LA?  Hey, I live close to LA.  I should go...  Wait, why would I go?

    1. I'm a new developer. These kinds of events sometimes have stuff that goes right over my head, but I always learn tons of stuff.
    2. I just subscribed to MSDN for the first time this week.  Events like PDC are the perfect place for n00bs like me to meet and interact with other professional developers.
    3. It's stuff I need to learn. (ASP.NET, WinForms, Office 12)
    4. I'm very interested in VSTO and the xml file format for Office 12.
    5. IIS 7 is also a topic that has drawn my attention, so I am torn between tracks...

    Why wouldn't I go?

    1. I just shelled out my last "education" dough for the year by purchasing my MSDN subscription.
    2. I can't think of another reason not to go.  I just don't have the bucks.

    I suppose I could sell my son:
    quiet little guy
    But the wife would get mad and I hear that's illegal. (Selling children, not angering spouses.)

    Now, how would I share the information I get at PDC?  Through blogging?  Well yes a little, but also with a Special Edition nlinus PDC podcast and video blog. Soundseeing tours of the PDC would be great for people who can't go. Interviews with fellow developers, scoble style.

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    Here is the link to my blog. Thank you for this great contest.

    blogging my way to pdc

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    Cool, I am a new developer too. I think your idea is great. Wow, and audio tour for those who can't go. I would enjoy that. I was going to do a video tour if I could go, but I just don't have the cash or the equipment to do the video recording. I hate being low income and not being able to attend important events like this. I believe that PDC would be very beneficial for new developers like you and I. Well, Good luck on your entry and here is a link to mine

    P.S. I have also just subscribed to MSDN for the first time. I really enjoy it alot and it helps out. I also like the nice binder that you get with the subscription.

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    TechEd was tremendous! Codezone and Gotdotnet were there in force, the only Channel9 moment came when I went to Dave Massy's IE talk, "so your eagle...".

    There's a genuine excitement in the community about Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005, momentum is building "it's a great time to work in IT because of the impact we can and will have on our world". 

    I will walk to LA if I have too to be part of this incredible community!

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    What does "PDC" stand for ?

    >> The Professional Developer Community (PDC) 2005
    >> PDC 4 "Free" Contest (the "Contest") consists of
    >> two separate skill categories. One category is an
    >> essay writing contest and the other category

    Professional Developer "Community"? or Conference. Ok, you may be referring to the blogs, where its mentioned as community.

    >> 1.) Blog Essay Category:

    >> To enter this category, the Entrant must post a
    >> weblog consisting of at least 100 but no more than
    >> 500 words or less describing why they want to
    >> attend the Programming Developer Conference (PDC).

    Programming or Professional??

    I am kinda confused with the usage of the acronym PDC.

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    Michael Lehman

    PDC is an acronym for Professional Developers Conference.  Bad proofreading on our part... (darn... even English can have bugs!)

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    Here is My Official Entry For PDC:

    Check If i can be a Part of This Event ?

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    Here's my entry - I clicked through on the graphic, but just to be sure:
    I hope I win!


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    Hi there!

    I'm happy to report that MSN Spaces has updated their blogging editor to support the Microsoft PDC!  Thanks to the new HTML editing capability, you can publish all kinds of PDC flair, including the "Blogging My Way to the PDC" graphic link.

    Kudos to the MSN Spaces team!

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    I want to blog to the PDC...and AT the PDC!!! 

    Please consider my entry...thanks Channel 9.

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    Hello, my name is Brandon and I am from

    Here is a link to my essay to go to PDC 2005!
    Enjoy the reading!

    This is my first post, hopefully its the first of many!

    - Brandon

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    Hey everyone!
    I just had to give it a go-

    read mine here

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