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Printing troubles in IE6

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    OK, here's the situation.  I'm working on a thin-client app, so the user only has IE.  The app renders large images (think 1000x2000 pixels), sometimes rotated.  We are NOT using HTAs.

    To print, we pop up a new HTML document with just the image, and send that off to the printer.

    Now, as I mentioned above, the some pages may be rotated.  It's these I'm having trouble printing-- the aspect ratio keeps getting screwed.

    I don't know the size of the paper, so I can't scale against that.  The document sent to the printer seems to be scaled according initial window, not the target media.

    Here's a concrete example.  Let's say I have an image that's 2000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall.  Now, when I prepare my to-be-printed document, I have to scale the width of the image to fit the document-- 100% to maximize used space.  Now, I have a choice.  I can say "make the height 50%" (as that maintains the aspect ratio), but that means that the image will be half the height of the document / paper-- no good.  I can say, make it 500 pixels tall, which renders on the screen nicely, but on paper, it will be skewed, because the paper it's necessarily 1000 pixels wide.  Ah-hah, what about using an expression to set the height; surely that must work!  No.  The expression gets recalculated BEFORE the document is applied to the paper media, so it's just as before.

    What the hell am I supposed to do here?

    Agitated in Alameda

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    Sorry, but I'm really stuck, and I could really use some help with this.  Or a pointer to somewhere I might get a little help.  Smiley

    Also, if the problem's not clear, please say so, and I'll try to restate it.

    I can also provide some sample HTML, if that helps.


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    I THINK I understand what you're getting at, but just to be safe before we start assuming, can you just post a link to your app or the section that is doing the printing?


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    Let's give this a shot.  Hopefully Channel9 won't munge up the HTML too much.

    <DIV style="WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 100%; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffc0">
    <SPAN style="WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 100%; POSITION: absolute;">
    <SPAN ID=FRAME style="WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT:375px; POSITION: absolute;">
    <IMG style="WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 100%; POSITION: absolute;" src="...">

    OK.  The image itself should be 1500 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall, for purposes of this example.  Give it a black border so you can clearly see what's going on.

    The fact that there's a DIV, SPAN, and another SPAN there is due to supporting code-- stuff which handles rendering markups, etc.  It expects a certain structure, and I can't toss that away.

    The SPAN ID'd as FRAME frames the image (duh?).  I can use this or the image style itself to control the size of the image. 

    If you fill in the image and try printing (at least with "letter"-sized paper-- 8.5" by 11"), the resulting image aspect ration will be skewed.  On screen, the image is 2:1.  On paper, it's more like 2.09677:1.

    If I specify 50% height for the FRAME span, then the image is stretched to 50% of the paper or window height.

    It's also worth noting that I have no control over the dimensions of the paper media-- it could be letter, but it could also be legal, or A4, or whathaveyou.

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