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View Thread: What is Microsoft doing about GMail?
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    ryexley wrote:

    I'm sick of all of the intrusive advertising I have to put up with when I use my Hotmail account.[...]But seeing a bunch of ugly-flashing-bright-red-and-green lies that tell me I just won a DVD player and all I have to do is "Click here to claim your prize" is getting REALLY old

    I agree with you 100%. It's horrible. Even the ads in MSN Messenger bugs me. To the point that I've installed an Ad Blocking Hosts file to get rid of some of the ad garbage on that and other sites.

    The only time I visit MSN/Hotmail is to log in once every 20 days. Accessing it from Outlook apparently does not count. I have also not found any way to have more than one HTTP (hotmail) account with Outlook. As soon as I add another, both just times out when I check for mail.

    Recently I got a spam from Hotmail staff saying that the McAfee virus scan is a feature of the subscription package. In other words, I guess its removed from the free service. Wierd.

    I know it's free. And if I don't like it - I shouldn't use it. And one day it's declined to the point that I will actually do that.