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What is Microsoft doing about GMail?

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    what if ms were to partner with google..
    (hear me out..)

    the answer to this post is: Use/get ALL


    they tried to buy them ... didnt work out - aol actually owns more i believe.

    but instead of DEMOLISHING google - a brand and service it is clear that consumers and even devs like, they supported it - made them the defacto search - capitalised on all that do -good touchy feely google stuff - "do no evil"

    you cant buy them - but if you could even INCLUDE them in windows search/mail to run / with you.. - it would do alot in repairing ms CRUSH COMPETITORS notions -

    ya- search is hot - but people like google - WAY more than netscape.. Google has spent 5 years being cute and bunnyrabbit simple ( most valuable global brand 2004). Crushing them will be your undoing ( i believe anyway)

    "we have only to remove those who oppose us"


    ps - ya i know... "Google is pathetic compared to what we want to do"
    Jim Alchin 2004

    translation: everyones favourite site is crap to ms - *insulting customers is a no no Wink

    PPS - youd have to view them as a "Saturn" within GM but that you didnt own
    *Saturn is notorious for NOT doing anything GM corp wants all brands to do

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    Partnering with Google may be a good idea. They already have the expertise and it will save both time and money. Also, other companies could partner with Google (i.e. RedHat, Novell, IBM) and a cross-browser cross-platform search would be possible - you could do a search on any desktop/device. Also you would reach out to non-Windows users (which probably never use MSN search).

    However, it may not be good for competition, but you could always have multiple partners (choice to search with Yahoo, Google or AllTheWeb - or search them all at once and have one big search).

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    GMail accounts are going for $60-70 on eBay now. That's just nuts! I'm curious and would like to have a first hand look at it. But seriously, what's wrong with people!


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    Knute - check this out, it should lead the way to getting rid of the things you dont like about gmail:


    1. - its ok for machines to read stuff + LAW = you cant show employees

    2. You HAVE to delete emails if user says so

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    Lars, I have no idea about the ebay market. A friend of mine who is a Tech Journalist has one to give away and everyone he's offered it too has turned it down (I turned it down too).
    It just doesn't give me anything useful, I have my own domain, webmail access to a decently spam filtered email address so what does gmail offer me apart from adverts?

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    Send him to me. Smiley

    Email is email. It's not that I need another account. I'm just curious by nature.


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