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MS: GotDotNet Workspaces Problems

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    I have tried for the last couple of days to browse the workspaces on gotdotnet to get back to the Application Configuration Management workspace, but I keep getting errors from the site.

    For instance, just now, I repeatedly get this error:

    GotDotNet Workspaces

    Your request cannot be processed at this time.

    The application may be under heavy load or may be encountering an internal error.

    When trying to go to

    This needs to get fixed, quickly. It should be a high priority for Microsoft. is serving hundreds of thousands of development teams, yet MS has not put any of their application blocks there. I realize some of the MS projects that have been released as open source have gone to sourceforge, I just wonder why the rift?

    I have been very excited that MS is taking steps to create an open development community, where people can share code and ideas, but right now it seems like we are feeling growing pains. Thanks!


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    All I can offer is "it works for me". Does a direct link work for you?

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    I ended up going to the direct link by searching google to find it. I was trying to access earlier (which now appears to be working again) so that I could find it. Since I have had trouble several times over the last few days I thought it would be worth mentioning. Thanks for the link.

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