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View Thread: What sucks about multimedia on your PC?
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    PaoloM wrote:
    Find a way to put some kind of order into the mystical and strange world of codecs. I lost the count how many times WMP9 tries to go "somewhere" to get a video codec and ends up saying "Error: codec not found" (or something like that)

    I've had this pain too often myself.  I made a short video for the amusement of my friends and then edited in MS Movie Maker and burned it onto CDs.  I figured that since everything had been done in MS software that it would be easy to get runing on other PCs.  No way.  People behind password controlled firewalls couldn't get the right codec.  Folks who had WMP8 could hear the audio, but not the video and assumed I had loused it up.  When it did play, it was great, but most often that meant I either had to set up their machine or play it on my machine for them.  Not good.

    The other thing that irks me about working with multimedia is getting the volumes all set right.  Some players use the wave volume control so cranking up the music also sets the system sounds to full blast.  You're in the middle of a good song and all of a sudden Outlook blasts its notice.  Sometimes you get the case where you've been playing music at a comfortable volume, then you fire up WMP to watch a video and the volume is blaring!  Well, player A used volume control C, but adjusting the volume actually increased the master, but WMP is using volume control Q which was already set to full blast so now you're going to bring down the house.  Aieeeeee....