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View Thread: What sucks about multimedia on your PC?
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    First entirely WMP related feedback:

    WMP has few minor gripes, some that were introduced after version "6.4".

    - Countless times I've tried to get the codec properties opened and never I manage to find where that is done from.

    - Also often I want to play video while doing something else but cannot, where did the "always on top" go?

    - I'd also default to not messing around with the video size while in full screen playback, currently video is resized when the control bars appear on top and bottom. There's a plugin to disable that but it often loses it's settings.

    - Also I'd love ESC to escape from both the fullscreen mode and the player when in windowed mode (especially when viewing certain educational material).

    - Double-click should go to full screen and back on DVD movies also, except if the mouse pointer is on top of a dvd menu hotspot.

    WM/Ch9 related feedback:

    The videos on Channel 9 take quite long to open even on a decent low latency 1 Mbit connection. Probably due to the bandwidth detection I'd guess. Also anything much less than 300 kbit is pain to both watch and listen. They should offer like 300,800,1500 kbit, after all broadband is quite common these days and if i had a slow connection I wouldn't stand the low quality anyway, I'd rather take a hour to download good quality for offline viewing. This could be achieved on Ch9 by categorizing the videos and having slow connection users subscribe to a "video push" service that sends the good quality videos when the user bandwidth is sitting idle and user has also been idle for a while.