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View Thread: What sucks about multimedia on your PC?
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    I had a project I had been playing around with to organize my mp3s. Shortly after I started it I was playing around with direct play form the DirectX 9 SDK. Absolutely brilliant; with just a few lines of code I had an organizer/player. I actually giggled when it worked.


    MyMed = Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.Audio.FromFile(File)


            MyMed.SeekCurrentPosition(1, Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.SeekPositionFlags.SeekToKeyFrame)

            'Hack: There is a problem with some mp3 files where it plays from position 0 then no sound is heard, the file will play if it is started from 1 though


                A few things that I ran into was that some mp3s would not play from the start, I would have to forward the position to one to get the mp3 to play. Another great thing would be have some equalizer control and play speed control.