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What sucks about multimedia on your PC?

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    - Well, the obvious thing is to make it simple for people to get the right codecs when they need it. Non-technical people have no clue what a codec is and they shouldn't be given some obscure error when the player encounters a file it can't play.
    I know it will never be able to play Real and .mov files but it wuld be SO nice if Media Player could. I HATE Real Player and Quicktime isn't much better.

    - DVD support out of the box is just something people expect form a pay built into the OS. Try to explain to someone why they need to install something like WinDVD before Media Player can play a DVD.

    - If you click on a link in Media Player's GUIDE tab (I rarely even look in there but I don't mind that it exists, I guess) it will sometimes open a website in the background and "take over" the webpage you just had open. It really should open a new browser window first. I guess that has more to do with how the people who designed the site that you see embedded in Media Player than the player itself.

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    WMP for smartphone needs better fast forward and rewind especially when watching something bigger then 10 minutes like a movie. Currently it fast forwards at maybe 2x speed.

    WMP for desktop needs support for the codecs that are on the smartphone camera. This is pathetic that you need to download codecs to watch videos recorded on the smartphone. How would i send movies to say my family who has no idea about codecs?

    Let me resize DRM protected files. There is no reason you couldn't implement the syncing in WMP to reapply the drm to a smaller bit rate version of the file.

    Ship with DIVX and XVID codecs or at least have them on the codecs download list when the player checks for codecs.

    The 5 second freeze of controls when starting something playing needs to be fixed.

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    I saw this post, immediatley registed and came out of three months of just watching the forums and videos (they're great!) from the outside.

    - An easy way to deal with and organize codecs for non-native .avi encodes (divx, xvid, h.264, ac3)
    - An easy way to deal with wrappers(?) like ogm and mkv

    I know that you can go through things like hardware audio and video properties dialogues but an easy clear place in the WMP prefrences would be great.

    And two more:
    - A menu bar for compact mode. (not that right click stuff)
    - an option to have that time tracker - for lack of a better word - dissapear faster in full screen

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    I use a Mac and have WMP 9 installed. Many times video content on web sites just doesn't work. Quicktime content always works (as might be expected), but a lot of content from news sites is in Windows Media format--which is fine with me, I don't really care, as long as it will play. When files can be downloaded to disk, WMP can usually handle them OK, but a lot of content seems to rely on some funky scripts that don't work. Or something. "Media Player not found." "Wrong file type" "Can not play this content" Blah, blah, blah. Naturally, the webmasters don't have time to solve "your problem", but I don't really have time to solve "their problem", either. OK, so that's what sucks about my audio and video experience--it's not having one at all!

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    One of the most annoying things is streaming. I really like Windows Media Player, but when it comes to streaming it isn't as good as Real Player. For some reason, when I use Real Player the video barely stops working. But when using Windows Media player, the video tends to stop for a few seconds for buffering and then continue.

    My Internet conection is a quite fast ADSL broadband connection but I don't think it's the problem. I wish WMP could stream media without stopping too often, like Real Player does.

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    I have a simple request.

    Follow the standard "Previous Track" functionality that is present everywhere else in the world.  When I first press "previous" while something is playing, it should go back to the beginning of the currently playing title.  If I press it again within a couple of seconds, it should then go to the previous track.

    Yeah, I know I can drag the progress pointer all the way to the left to accomplish the same thing, but it's not the standard.

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    I'd like to be able to play Channel 9 videos on my laptop without the fan throttling up. I tried the Vista beta and it seems to be making strides to keeping the CPU usage down (my fan is idle watching Channel 9) although it also messes up lots of video codecs. But yeah, whatever you're doing to improve video performance in Vista, keep doing it.

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    Live Meeting WebCasts -- live internet -- has audio and video out of sync too much. Also, high pitched female voices cause distortion of the audio, a fluttering sound.

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    Comic Strip Blogger

    Lack of native support for pooch stir G - in Win Media Player and in Active Sync. that's what sucks for me about Multimedia in Win XP,

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