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.Net for an amateur...

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    In terms of programming for oneself, is there a significant difference between JScript.Net and the others, as far as what can be accomplished (or is speed the only factor there)?

    I'd like to stick with something I know (for the most part), but really don't want to grovel for access to available system resources, API's, etc., either.

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    Any guesses then? Smiley

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    If you're good using the language and haven't used any of the other languages, then most likely it would much faster using what you know. Smiley

    But in terms of raw speed, I doubt it.  You're targetting the same framework and your code is ultimately compiled to MSIL, regardless of what language you code in.


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    Ah, that makes sense.

    (I probably should have asked if the differences would be only in language features, as opposed to what each is 'allowed' to do with the .Net classes)...

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