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Jim Allchin Rocks!

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    Heh, remember the Jim Allchin interview where he told us he played guitar? Well, he sent over a couple of samples. They are WMA format, recorded at a fairly low sample rate (48khz). Enjoy! He's pretty good. Recorded on a Windows XP machine, of course.

    Clip One: Roadhouse. 1.30 MB
    Clip Two: Latin Star. 415 KB

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    Hey, he's really good!

    Jim should have played at the WinHEC party or at the Jam Sessions at TechEd, maybe he'll rock the PDC!

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    Not 3 bad!

    Jim could give up the day job with those dirty riffs!

    (shhh Dave we don't want him to do that - Scoble)

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    Not bad at all Smiley Like the slowdown section in Roadhouse and then the kick back to jamming again.

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    Do you know if he can read normal music charts?  If he does I can hook him up with the folks here up the I5 and BC99 for some work... Smiley

    I suppose he did the composition and arrangement as well.

    A video visit to his music studio would be cool.  If you can promise a live jam session at PDC I am registering right now!  Smiley


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    That really whips the llama's *!

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    Andre Da Costa

    I like "Latin Star" Smiley

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    sounds great!

    is that the Santana guitar?

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    I can't listen wma-format. Can you convert it to OGG Vorbis so everyone can listen them.. ?

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    It's really nice! Will it become longhorn's new star up melody?

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    If I told him I liked it, and made it sound sincere. Do you think he'd spill on Longhorn?

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    I'd like to listen to this, but I lost sound on Windows Media Player v10.00.00.3802, either when I installed iTunes or upgraded to XP SP2.  Other apps play music ok.  Has anyone has got any pointers as to what I could try? 

    Sound Card is SoundMax Digital Audio v5.10
    Motherboard is Asus K8VSE
    Win XP2 patched yesterday

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    Andre Da Costa

    fdezjose wrote:
    It's really nice! Will it become longhorn's new star up melody?

    I was going to ask the same question myself, although it would be a very, very, very long start up sound.

    Did Jim do the Startup sound for Windows 98? Smiley

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    wow.. thats my kind of music.. i love it.  where can we get more of this?  Smiley

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    Wow, seriously maybe there should be an alchin theme for longhorn Smiley He rockin ... but as a microsoft exec couldn't he have done wmv lossless Sad

    "I can't listen wma-format. Can you convert it to OGG Vorbis so everyone can listen them.. ?"-----

    Since when is ogg vorbis the format "everyone can listen to" I mean really, i don't have an ogg vorbis codec installed, last i knew the only fully supported universal format is mp3 Tongue Out

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    Very cool! =)

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    Super cool!
    Big Smile ♪♫

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    Wow hes really good, awesome stuff Smiley

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