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Limits to filtering of "forbidden speech" on MSN Spaces

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    According to Rebecca MacKinnon over at Global Voices Online, it's possible to circumvent the filtering of "prohibited speech" on MSN Spaces.

    From the article:

    Some Chinese bloggers have said that they were able to set up Chinese language MSN Spaces blogs using the “forbidden” political words. To clarify the situation I tried to set up my own freedom loving Chinese blog. I went into the MSN Spaces Chinese interface at:, and tried to set up a blog titled 我爱言论自由人权和民主, which means “I love freedom of speech, human rights, and democracy.”

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    I got the following error message: 您必须输入您的共享空间标题。标题不能包含禁止的语言,例如亵渎的语言。请键入一个不同的标题。Which means: “You must enter a title for your space. The title must not contain prohibited language, such as profanity. Please type a different title.”

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    I guess Microsoft considers “human rights,” “democracy,” and “freedom of speech” to be profanity.

    This censorship can be circumvented with Bennet Haselton’s Freedom Hack Instructions. Using the instructions I was successful in creating the Chinese blog called “I love freedom of speech, democracy, and human rights.”

    Read the whole thing...

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