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Where has Irascian's Blog gone ?

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    Make it work again Ian I'm missing my fix!

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    Scary.  He has irascian under his avatar, so maybe it's his company.  If so, the main site is still up and he might just be having issues with Communityserver.

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    Actually I'm way behind on blog updating - things are too manic at the moment. That being said I must at the very least try and write up the "Avalon - The Future of Windows" VBUG meeting I attended last week. Will try and do so tonight.

    Anyway... the URL you are using is wrong. Community Server registers with a single URL which is so you need to be using 

    not the variant.

    Edited to add: OK I've found the stored proc that lets you register multiple URLS - turns out it wants the leading www stripping off to work. The URL you were trying should now work as well. Check back tomorrow for updated content

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