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    jonathanh wrote:
    MathJournal for the Tablet PC has done all that (and much more) for over a year. 

    Looks like sloppy reporting from New Scientist and academic hype from Swansea

    Well, not quite, Jonathan. Mathjournal and xThink differ in the user interface from what UoS has done. The difference is that the user's input is rendered on the fly in the UoS system, whereas with the xThink products, the visual feedback is provided in a separate window *after* the "calculate" button has been pressed.

    I personally prefer the user interface approach of the UoS system, because it gives me continuous feedback as I am going along - not once the calculation has been carried out. It's what I mean about user interfaces "not getting in the way". There's a distinct modal jump with the xThink approach, that I think I personally would find distracting.