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View Thread: Gartner attacks Microsoft over Longhorn
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    Shining Arcanine

    Jeremy W. wrote:
    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    My suggestion was in order to accelerate everything that is being developed now and in the future.

    By the way, I never said that they should have poor management.

    I'm not debating that. Problem is that finding and hiring 10,000 people could easily take a year (or two). Then training them, getting them integrated and getting them to the point where they're producing decent code could easily be another few months.

    On top of that you'll need to hire well over a thousand lead dev's, testers, program and product managers... And they'll require even more rampup time.

    On a project like this I just don't see it saving that much time.

    Even if you do, though, manage to get it out sooner:

    1. Is it actually worth the cost (10,000 employees times the MS average of 70K/year is a pretty big pay bump... Can Longhorn afford it)?
    2. What do you do with these 10,000 devs afterwards?

    I'm not saying the intention is wrong, just that it's really, really, really easy to mismanage an undertaking like this. From experience. Smiley

    1. As long as you have products to develop and products to sell, more devs are always good.

    2. They can work on other projects like next generation Windows and Office. Maybe some could be added to the IE Team to speed up development of IE's standards support. Wink Some could speed up the development of service packs and others could search for security holes. There is quite a bit that they could do.