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View Thread: Does Microsoft Outsource?
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    Shining Arcanine

    Maze_werks wrote:
    I am guessing you are concerned about jobs going oversees.

    Of course I am.

    Maze_werks wrote:
    Do you think it is fair for a company to sell software all around the world and not source some jobs in other countries? Microsoft is a global software company. If you were an Indian business owner is it fair to see all that money go to redmond and the only money spread locally is the cost of sales offices?

    Microsoft is an American company and its primary focus on employment should be in the United States of America.

    I say that the sales offices and support should be international but should handle sales and support in the countries that they are employed; while the majority of the developers should be in the United States and primarily developers hired overseas should be hired in order to improve Windows language capabilities and ease of use for people overseas.

    Maze_werks wrote:
    You may not like it, but any effort to restrict companies' choice in where to put capital, jobs etc will cause short term market inequalities and ultimately cause more harm than good. No country has benefited more from this than the US has and does

    Outsourcing leaves people poor, it only benefits those who are greedy.

    By the way, if I heard that Microsoft's sales/support in the US was from another country, I'd avoid upgrading Windows, Office and other Microsoft products that require a fee.