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View Thread: Visual Studio 2005 Team System is cool
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    BruceLee wrote:

    Finally we will have a new source control tool other than the old VSS.-) And I love to see the test automation tools in the IDE which will save me from switching in many utilities. Personally I think the VS 2005 Team System is very cool!

    VS2005 WILL ROCK! Trust me, when the event came to Spokane the other week, i went, and alot of new and enhanced features have been added, the aligning tool for example, the pixels can now be perfectly aligned..
      Sample bellow....

       -----Alignment lines-----------
    --------             --------                 
    -button-             -button-
    --------             -------- 
       -----Alignment lines-----------

    The pixels can now PERFECTLY align, pretty cool if you ask me, and oh yea, my favorites, Item orientation arrows. Wink