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How Do I "Subscribe" to RSS and/or XML squares ?

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  • Baopiguy

    I've been trying to figure out how to "subscribe" to RSS feeds and/or the little XML boxes as I surf the Net.
    It seems I have to get into my aggregator (I'm using "Sharp Reader" but would like to hear about other people's preferences) and then take a list of sites I have written down and try to get the aggregator to find them.

    Is there some way (or other aggregator) to simply drag and drop an XML box to a bar or something while I am on the site itself, thus saving writing down its address, then later trying to put it into my aggregator when I could be reading the aggregator?

    Sorry for the long sentences. Many thanks for any advice, comments, whatever.

    Also, is there a reader for Wikis, or are they stand-alone sites?

  • PatrickA

    Those "XML Squares" are just links to the XML source of the RSS feed.  You CAN drag them into SharpReader directly (just drag the square over into your Subscribed Feeds list).  Granted, you have to be RUNNING SharpReader at the time.

  • OSUKid7

    I usually just right click on the rss link > copy shortcut. Seems to work alright.

    On another note, it looks like the main rss feed for Channel 9 delivers all posts, not just news items. Are there any plans to make a news-only feed?

  • vanlandw

    I use a program called "FeedReader".  It's very friendly for new users to rss.  Also, it doesn't require any extra software like the .net framework.  A good program to start with.

  • lkuhn

    Well, I just learned something here.  Thanks.
    The only way I knew to subscribe in sharpreader was to past the address into the address bar, hit enter to load the feed, and finally then hit the Subscribe button in the toolbar.

  • vanlandw

    I just tried sharpreader and I think I'm going to switch over.  Feedreader hasn't had a new version since 2003 and is no longer being worked on any longer.  Sharpreader is very plain and works great....

  • PeterV

    vanlandw, you're nto the only one Big Smile

    I used FeedReader untill yesterday, now i've switched to SharpReader.
    One of the cool things about FeedReader was that it detected when you opened a RSS page and automaticly set it self up to add the feed. You only needed to clikc OK or Cancel. But that feature didn't work all the time. Wink

  • miies

    I'm also very fond of SharpReader (though I don't use it for this site). Every reader I've tried bugged and/or crashed all the time, SR does not.

  • BG Phil T

    I read somewhere about NewsGator - mostly because it integrates with Outlook.  If you are an Outlook junkie, it's worth a look.  Very stable.

  • vanlandw

    I was going to use a rss reader that intergrated into another program...but I like having my feeds and my e-mail/browsing seperated.

  • dsutton

    I didn't like the idea of another piece of software that I had to open or run, so I was very interested in Outlook plugins that would pull down RSS feeds.  I'm currently using intraVnews (which is free, btw).  I like it so far.  Also, it adds a nifty little context menu option so that you can right-click on any XML square and choose to 'Read in intraVnews' and it will subscribe you automatically...

  • Beredon

    I guess I'm going to have to check out intraVnews and Sharp Reader. Thanks guys. I too use Feedreader, but I haven't been very happy with it. I used to use FeedDemon (excellent program, written by Nick Bradbury of TopStyle and HomeSite fame) but he started charging for it.

  • scobleizer

    I use NewsGator. I just right-click on an XML icon and choose "subscribe."

    Or, you can copy the URL for the feed and open up the subscription dialog box in NewsGator.

    Or, you can right click on any link that leads to a page with XML and choose subscribe and it'll autodetect where the feed is for you.

  • Beredon

    Thanks dsutton. intraVnews is awesome! I always have Outlook open in the background, so this is perfect for me.

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