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View Thread: What should Microsoft do with podcasting/wikis/blogs/videoblogs?
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    billh wrote:

    I don't give a rip about video editing.  I'm not George Lucas.  Yet.  What about blogging?  Can I do that in 64-bit?  How about 16-bit?  Is it backwards compatible with 8-bit?

    Good grief, man, think about the issues!

    64-bit blogging LOL Heck, blogging could be done on a Vic 20. Technology has gone far beyond the real world requirements for word processing. Word is one of the most bloated wordprocessors on the planet. If a word processor doesn't load instantaneously these days there is a real problem with the product.

    Hint to Microsoft: just because the space is there doesn't mean it has to be used!

    And this thinking should be applied to Windows Media Player 11. Smaller, faster, more efficient, better.