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View Thread: What should Microsoft do with podcasting/wikis/blogs/videoblogs?
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    I posted some thoughts on this a while ago in the context of MSN Spaces; see!1pRjebUoVh0bNLSJvrecmAEg!174.entry

  • releasing MSN spaces w/o even a Beta vesion of an API is unconscionable when there are already so many Blog APIs available.
  • sure MOOL looks cool, but $45+/year seems a little pricy.  And I'm not really sure if I need it; you need to come up with a way to get people "hooked" on it like WebDAV access.
  • MSN should be the best ASP.NET hosting site in the world!  For around $20/month I'd get to host my domain name, Hotmail/MOOL (or IMAP), blogging, plus all of the other stuff you current get for $9.95/mo.  Be sure to become a registrar too so that there is "one stop shopping".
  • Become a showcase for all the cool new Microsoft technology and "best practices".  For example, there's no spell-checker as I'm typing this in...put some of the MSDN articles into production.
  • Why isn't MSN built on WSS/Sharepoint?
  • Between WSS/Sharepoint, Outlook/MOOL, Desktop Search, Office, and MSN Messenger, you should really be able to show the world all the advantages of "smart clients" (XP SP2 & .NET).  Instead, it seems that MSN mostly plays catch-up with things done elsewhere.  As just one example, integrate MSN Spaces with Outlook & Word -- do something with the LAME "Outlook Today" page.